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Remember Eolic Grup


Cânt pentru tine – I sing for you

Music: Eolic   Lyrics: Florin Enea, Genu Cambos   TVR Studio recordings 1979

They sung for you, for me, they sung for all of us.

But time have its say. Other days, other ways. The new generations are passing by, quickening one by one, and unfortunately this wonderful music is passing out of mind. Over 15 years Aeolus breezed his chords above the city of Bacău, those 5 young (at that time)  instrumental and vocal performers enchantning us with their songs.

This is the story – in very short – of the most popular band in the ’70′s – ’80′s Bacău. Eolic Grup.

Established by Genu Cambos in 1969 at the handicraft cooperative „Muncă și Artă” (Work and Art) in Bacău as a reply to Nancy Brandes’s band Roșu și Negru (Red and Black), in less than one year Roșu și Alb (Red and White) was all the vogue, being far-famed not only in Bacău, but in the whole country. The group went in for dozens of festivals bringing down a lot of permissions. They performed many concerts, accompanying almost all the romanian celebrities of the period: Angela Similea, Cornel Constantiniu, Aurelian Andreescu, Dan Spătaru, Mariana Greceanu (actually Mariana Cambos).